Girl’s Day: Girl’s Day Everyday #5 Concept Images & Music Video

Girl’s Day released their 5th mini album, Girl’s Day Everyday #5, on March 26, with their title track I’ll Be Yours. Check out their concept images below. Continue reading


Selling on eBay!

Hi everyone! After much thought, I have decided to sell some of my albums on eBay. There’s a few groups that I don’t really follow anymore, so I thought I would sell them to people who do. These are all unsealed, but I am including everything the album originally came with. Yes, that means the photocards are included. Currently I am only selling within the U.S, but when I get more comfortable, I’m hoping I can open it up to international users. So if you’re an international fan, give me some time and soon, I will start shipping internationally. Here’s what I am currently selling. Continue reading